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FAQs for our Fun Indoor Activities for Kids from Rugbytots

Frequently asked questions about Rugbytots.

How do I pay for Rugbytots?

Rugbytots operate a strict online payment policy. This is designed to streamline the process so your booking experience is straight forward and efficient. Rugbytots operates a secure online payment system that meets the highest security levels.

How is the payment worked out?

Each area may differ slightly in cost depending on hall hire costs. Upon booking your first term online the cost will be calculated including a one off charge of Rs1,100 which covers the Rugbytots kit which the majority of children wear to the sessions. We would recommend not wearing the kit for the first session and then if they do not enjoy it, we will be able to refund the cost of the kit as well as the term fees.

Paying upfront is a big commitment to make, what happens if we don't like Rugbytots?

We understand that registering the first time for a term in advance and paying for a kit is a big commitment. Therefore if after your first two sessions you decided Rugbytots is not for you, we will offer a full refund, including the classes you have attended. You will need to contact us within 48 hours of the second class taking place to be entitled to the full two week refund policy. The refund will extend to the kit, providing it has not been worn and is in the original packaging.

My child is fairly small for their age, will they get hurt, and surely Rugby for toddlers is dangerous?

There is no physical contact (i.e. tackling) in Rugbytots classes. It is a play session based on key motor skills such as passing, kicking, catching, running, agility, awareness of space and balance.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are normally held indoors in sports halls, schools, leisure centres, church halls and in local parks.

How do I find my nearest class?

To find your nearest class, visit and type in your town name. This will display the closest classes to you and will provide the contact details of the office that runs these classes.

Are the sessions fully insured?

All Rugbytots sessions are insured by the leading childcare insurance company and cover both personal accident and public liability.

Are your coaches trained?

All our coaches have been through detailed in-house training and must complete our internal Rugbytots coaching award prior to leading any classes. All lead coaches are first aid trained.

Does Rugbytots do parties?

Rugbytots does do parties; please refer to our parties section on our website.

What does the class involve?

The class is a structured play session which involves a warm up, multiple skills and physical exercise. There is a multitude of educational skills such as colour recognition, counting, taking turns but the most important one of all; FUN!

How long does each session last?

For our 2 - 3.5 year olds, the session lasts 30 minutes.

For our 3.5 - 5 year olds and 5-7 year olds the session lasts 45 minutes.

Do I need to bring anything along?

We advise you bring refreshments for your child, especially a drink for during and after the session.

What should they wear?

We advise your children wear the clothes and footwear they feel most comfortable and confident in. You will receive your Rugbytots kit during your first term and the majority of children will wear this kit to the sessions.

Can parents participate?

Parent participation is important in the youngest age group, however, it is not normally necessary for the 3.5-5 years and 5-7 years classes.

How many children do you have in a class?

The standard ratio for our classes is one lead coach to 12 children. However, the majority of our classes will have a lead and an assistant coach, up to a maximum of 14 children.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

In the younger age group, approximately 30% are girls. In the older age groups, this drops to around 20%.

How serious is the coaching element?

The most important factor at Rugbytots is that children have fun and gain enjoyment from the session. In the older class, we do start teaching slightly more rugby specific skills using different techniques and games.

Have you had any feedback for children who have progressed from Rugbytots?

We receive regular positive feedback from mini rugby coaches regarding the children who have passed through Rugbytots. More than anything we build confidence and teach skills which are transferable to all sports and different aspects of life.

You use foam balls in your class and you also sell them on your website, are they safe?

Although our foam balls are safe, parental supervision is required for children under the age of 3 due to the potential choking hazard they present.

My child loves Rugbytots, how do I make sure they can continue next term?

Once you have enrolled your child with Rugbytots, their place will automatically be reserved in the following term. We will send you an email advising you when the new term dates are available to book with plenty of notice before the new term begins. A deadline will be stated in the email of when you need to rebook by, giving you priority before we remove your child from the class and offer the place to someone on the waiting list.

Will my child automatically move up to the older age group?

Our online booking system doesn't automatically move your child up to the next age group. If the classes you attend are busy, it is worth adding your child to the waiting list sooner rather than later to ensure you are notified as soon as there is a place. If there are places available, please call head office or your local contact and we will be able to transfer your child to the older age group.

Why do we have to pay an admin fee?

Rugbytots is a global franchise business and operates an automated centralised booking system. Customer payments are held on behalf of our franchisees and distributed throughout the franchise network. This fee covers the cost of central administration to ensure we operate a seamless and efficient system that enables our franchisees to offer you the highest possible level of customer service and enjoyment at the classes. This fee doesn’t relate to transaction charges incurred for processing payments and remains the same regardless of your payment method.

How do I exchange my merchandise or request a refund?

If you wish to exchange your merchandise, send it back for a refund or cancel your enrolment as part of our two week full refund policy then you will need to follow the below process. If you have decided not to continue with Rugbytots please contact us within 48 hours of the second class taking place to be entitled to the two-week full refund policy. Not contacting us within this time could lead you to not be entitled to a full refund.

Email with the following information:

a. Parent Name
b. Childs Name
c. Class/Venue attended
d. State whether it is a refund or exchange you are requesting along with any relevant information – e.g. the item or size you wish to receive in exchange/ reason for refund. *Please clearly state if you are requesting a refund as part of our two week full refund policy.

Within 48 hours you will receive instructions on how to proceed along with the returns address.